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Tandem jump in vaasa

A tandem jump is a fast and safe way to discover skydiving.

You will experience one minute’s worth of free fall and around five minutes of flight under the canopy accompanied by an experienced jumpmaster.


The jumpmaster takes care of safety during the whole jump, so you can just focus on the ecstatic speed of the free fall and the panoramic view during the canopy flight.

Good to know:

  • Allow 2-3 hours for the tandem jump from start to finish

  • There is a weather reservation on the jumping days, and if necessary, we will arrange a new time

  • The age limit for tandem jumping is 15 years, and those under 18 years of age require the guardian's written consent

  • So-called normal health is enough for a tandem student and you cannot be under the influence of drugs or alcohol during the jump

  • The weight limit for tandem jumpers is 100 kg

  • A medical certificate if necessary and always from over 65 years old

You can book your tandem jump HERE.

skydiving Beginners course in vaasa

In 2024, we offer one skydiving beginners course in English (Vaasa) during  9.-12.7.2024.

You can book your beginners course HERE.

The course covers important aspects of jumping, such as jumping out of the plane, opening the parachute, guiding the parachute, landing and how to handle dangerous or challenging situations.


You operate under the supervision of a jump master during the entire student period. The jump master is responsible for your equipment, training, and evaluates your performance. The training program includes at least 31 approved jumps, after which you get a skydiver's license and can start practicing the sport independently.


The first jumps are made from 1000 meters and the parachute is opened automatically (by a static-line). At this point, you should only know how to exit the plane correctly and land safely. On the first jumps you’ll have a radio with you so that you can be given instructions while you are under the canopy. Student parachutes are very calm and easy to steer. Landing with the parachute is soft when done correctly and is similar to jumping from a low chair.

As you gain more experience, you will open your parachute on your own and then you will begin to understand the idea of ​​skydiving – FREE FALL! The amount of free fall increases and you will perform e.g. different sets of movements during free fall together with your jump master.

Good to know:

  • The skydiving beginner's course is held from Tuesday to Friday, from 6 PM to approximately 9 PM

  • The age limit for tandem jumping is 15 years, and those under 18 years of age require the guardian's written consent

  • The maximum weight limit is 100 kg and the maximum height is 2 meters

  • Some conditions or diseases may preclude your participation or require a medical opinion before participating in skydiving activities

  • A medical certificate is required for 65 years old or older people


Jump masters at Skydive Vaasa:

Susan (Fin/Eng/Swe)

Sini    (Fin/Eng/Swe)

Pauli  (Fin/Eng/Swe)

Mike  (Fin/Eng)

Janne (Fin/Eng)

Illya    (Fin/Eng)

Heikki (Fin/Eng)


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